.NET Core 101

Entrée en matière avec la plateforme developpeur .NET Core.

Part 1: What is .NET?

.NET is an open source developper platform (languages + libraries) for building apps.

Languages: C#, Visual Basic, F#


  • .NET core: Windows, Linux and macOS
  • .NET framework: websites, services and apps on Windows
  • Xamarin/Mono: .NET form mobile

.NET Standard: the shared set of libraries for the above

Part 2: Installing .NET

Through Visual Studio

Part 3: What is a .NET Hello World App?

Killed 3 minutes

Part 4: Basic debugging

Video link

Conditional breakpoints
Pin tip/watcher

Debug vs release : release skips some execution context

Part 5: Adding a Class Library

Part 6: Using a Nuget Package

Package manager in .NET environment

Part 7: Unit Testing

Add a test project in solution

Part 8: Publishing an App